Party in Sanya Juu (concluded)

At last it was time for the awards. Richard, the director of Floresta Tanzania, Pastor Mosha, our board chair, and I took the stage to hand out the awards. Anticipation was in the air. Sixty-five hundred people crowded closer… Then one of them apparently tripped over a cord, because suddenly we were without sound. TenContinue reading “Party in Sanya Juu (concluded)”

Party in Sanya Juu (part 2)

The closer the parade got to the soccer field, the more enthusiastic the marchers became, racing each other to the front of the group. I glanced behind me and was inspired by what could be almost called a movement – six thousand people brimming with excitement to celebrate what they had accomplished. It was all security couldContinue reading “Party in Sanya Juu (part 2)”

Party in Sanya Juu

While driving from Moshi to Sanya Juu, Pastor Mosha, our Tanzanian board chairman briefed me on the event. “We expect 7000 people to be there. Six thousand Plant With Purpose/Floresta participants, and hundreds of business people, pastors, government leaders and others.” While the dusty highway towards Arusha is always busy, today it was choked withContinue reading “Party in Sanya Juu”